Port Guardia

Click here to download the game.

Ver 1.11 : Elder version is here.

The original is a game that was made for Japanese.


Genre : Puzzle x Random RPG
Playing time : More than 10 minites for 1 Play, About 6 hours in total.

"Puyo-rogue", a game in which a random RPG (roguelike) element is included
in the Puyopuyo style puzzle, will be started!

Connect Reds to power up!
Connect Blues to get itemsI
Connect in Chains to raise the effect!
Battle Fight in the constant score!


Title Sceen

You should check the colors of the blocks to appear in Stage-Sellect.
Be careful because the appearance probability is biased for each stage.

When you erase the blocks in chains,
You will get additional effects!

I prepared various missions.
What happens after the complete?

Share your records with your friends.
Can you be the winner?

Contact etc.

General Editor : Sakamoto Tomate (Be careful the spelling, not "Tomato")
E-mail : teammse_gameyahoo.co.jp (Please replace with Half-Width at mark)
(It is earlier to make a contact on Twitter than E-mail)

Game editor : WOLF RPG Editor
Operation Target : PC with Windows